September 8th Meeting

 Richmond Beekeepers Meet Sept 8, 2016    7-9 PM  Thursday
   at Martins Grocery 10250  Staples Mill Rd 23060
SEPT 8 Program.  Summer is ending,  Fall is just ahead and colonies are preparing for winter.  You have a role to play in this seasonal change.  To help you prepare for winter, we invited  John Adams, a beekeeper with 40 years of experience, to talk to you about what to expect and what you can do to help your hive investment survive the winter.  His slide show will cover the Fall/Winter hive-keeping subjects along with “How to Avoid Certain Disasters.”  A retired teacher, John is an interesting, accomplished speaker on apiary subjects that you won’t want to miss.  John started beekeeping in 1974 and formed BeeBusters in 1986.  
   Fall blooming plants like Asters, Goldenrod, Autumn Sedum and Knotweed  may provide a modicum of nectar and pollen that the hive can use for rearing new brood for a winter  that may last more than five months.   You may need to turn your hive into a bee soup kitchen to get them through the winter.  Come to our meeting and learn how to protect your  investment, save your bees and give them a head start next Spring..
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