Science Museum of Virginia Observation Hive

The Richmond Beekeepers have joined forces with the Science Museum of Virginia to educate the public about the importance of honeybees.  Members of our club have been instrumental in the installation of an observation hive at the museum.  Every Thursday and Sunday a beekeeper is on hand to share their love and knowledge of honeybees with museum visitors.  If you would like to sign up to for a shift at the museum, please click the link below.


Beekeeper Mentors

Being a “Newbee” can be frightening when you are talking about being around 1000s of stinging insects.  Having a mentor can make all the difference between successfully starting a wonderful hobby and giving up after wasting money, time and bees. RBA is looking for experienced beekeepers to mentor those who are just starting out.  If you would like to help our hobby grow by helping others be successful beekeepers, please talk to RD Radford at our next meeting to sign up.

Young Beekeeper Scholarship

Do you know someone between the ages of 10 and 18 that would love to be a beekeeper?  RBA is here to help.  We offer a scholarship to a young person who shows the interest, enthusiasm, and perseverance to take care of a hive of bees.  RBA will provide a mentor, equipment, and bees.  To apply, applicants should write a letter to the association telling us why he/she would like to be a beekeeper snd why he/she is the best candidate.  The winning applicant will be expected to be a member the association and give a presentation on their experience.  If you have any questions or want to submit a letter, please send an email to  The deadline is May 1st 2016.  Winners will be announced at our May meeting.



2 Responses to Activities

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  2. darenjm444 says:

    Hi all,
    I am a beekeeper visiting the Richmond area for the summer. I live in Colombia, South America full time but I am from the US. I have only been working with bees for about a year. I ma looking for any local beekeepers that may need some help or would like to be a mentor. I am HOOKED on beekeeping and love being in the apiary. So please contact me if you are in need of some help. My local phone number is (804) 833-6743 email is and my name is Daren Morreale. Thank you, looking forward to meeting you.

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