Bee Market

Need honey? Bees? Equipment?

Visit this page to see what our members have for sale.  If you are a RBA member and have honey, bees, or other bee-related stuff for sale, please contact the webmistress or leave a comment below to post your items here.

Bee Package and Nuc Information for 2020

Have packages or nucs for sale? Contact the webmistress to include your information here. or create a comment below.

Mark Donovan will have nucs available. See his Craigslist ad


I will have 5 frame deep nucs for sale this spring. My bees are vsh-pol-survivor and vsh-pol-Italian that I’ve maintained for the last 8 years. These bees show excellent winter survival, and are good honey producers.  The 5 frame nucs with newly mated queen will be available in mid April.  I am making them in cardboard nuc boxes so pickup will be very easy. Cost is $130.00 each or two for $200.  If interested please email Galen Fisher at

I will have five-frame, medium nucs available for sale this year.  They are listed at
If you want to reserve them please send a $25 per nuc deposit to the address below.  Include a note telling me how many nucs you have ordered, what month you want them, your name, address, and cell phone number.
Alternatively, you may send the deposit via Paypal to  In the note section of Paypal, state how many nucs you have ordered, what month you want them, your name, address, and cell phone number.
James Hicks707 Somerset Pl, Blacksburg, VA 24060540-230-5213

RBA Patches for Sale

Add some pizzazz to your bee suit!  Get an RBA patch.  Patches are sold at our monthly meetings.  $5.00 each.

Reduce Small Hive Beetles

Nematodes – beneficial for reducing Small Hive Beetle larva

Southern Insectaries Inc.

Perry, Georgia


Order in late spring and then do a ground application around hives.

7 Responses to Bee Market

  1. Julie Waser says:

    For sale: Four used Brushy Mountain eight frame hive feeders (each holds 2 gallons syrup) – sits on the top of the hive for spring & fall feeding of sugar syrup.

  2. Galen Fisher says:

    I will be selling local nucs with vsh-pol-Italian queens. All 5 deep frame nucs $130.00 will come with a newly mated queen, lots of workers, 5 drawn frames with honey pollen and brood. Strong hives, gentle bees, productive queens. Pickup Richmond near west end in mid April. Nucs will be in cardboard nuc box so pickup and transport are easy. Email galen fisher at “”

  3. Patrick Bishop says:

    Anyone have queens available? I have a ‘hot’ hive I need to rectify. (Oops…sorry for initially posting this to the ‘Bee Pasture’ site…call it a ‘Corona moment’).

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