Bee Market

Need honey? Bees? Equipment?

Visit this page to see what our members have for sale.  If you are a RBA member and have honey, bees, or other bee-related stuff for sale, please contact the webmistress or leave a comment below to post your items here.

RBA Patches for Sale

Add some pizzazz to your bee suit!  Get an RBA patch.  Patches are sold at our monthly meetings.  $5.00 each.

3 Responses to Bee Market

  1. Cal Hulva says:

    Hi, I am looking for a nuc to purchase this spring. Please call me 424-1967 Thanks so much! – Cal

  2. YANCHAO XIAO says:

    I have 10 local Honeybee Hives for sale between Mar 20, 2018 and Apr 20, 2018. If interested, please contact me at

  3. David Jaroneski says:

    Thanks for making this marketplace available. I have wired wax foundation with hooks for sale. 100 ct. deep frame sheets, $120.00. 40 ct. medium frame sheets, $50.00.

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