Bee Market

Need honey? Bees? Equipment?

Visit this page to see what our members have for sale.  If you are a RBA member and have honey, bees, or other bee-related stuff for sale, please contact the webmistress or leave a comment below to post your items here.

RBA Patches for Sale

Add some pizzazz to your bee suit!  Get an RBA patch.  Patches are sold at our monthly meetings.  $5.00 each.


39 Responses to Bee Market

  1. Oleg says:

    Beehive stand for sale for two beehives. $25

  2. brandon says:

    looking for honey bee nucs or packages in va im a beginning beekeeper m

    • Sue says:

      Try Tom Fifer – 795-1898

    • David says:

      Tom has good bees if he gets any nucs available for sale. There are 3 other people who might have them too. RD, Kenny, Wilhelm. Go to a Richmond, East Richmond or even a Rockwood bee meeting to get to know them and ask them.
      Do yourself a favor, just say no to package bees. The bees are not as good and the population is slower to build up. Just because they are available sooner doesn’t make up for the fact you get no eggs or larvae when you buy a package. Support the local guy, not the factory.

  3. Pam says:

    I don’t want to raise bees, just trying to buy local honey during fall and winter. If you know of a place, please email the info to the email provided.

  4. kevin o'leary says:

    I am looking to source large amounts of honey. looking at between 120-240 pounds every month or so. I am opening a brewery in Richmond and use a lot of honey in one of our beers. any leads would be great
    Kevin O’Leary

  5. Lori says:

    We live in Lakeside, Henrico 23228. We are looking for local honey for sale in our area. If you know of anyone or if you have honey for sale please let me know! Thanks!!

  6. Brock Reggi says:

    i am looking to buy some bees and a queen for a start up. i have a hive but need some bees. can anyone suggest a place to order bees for the Williamsburg area?

  7. Ty Haynes says:

    Looking for local honey (allergies). Live in the Forest Hill neighborhood of RVA. I would like it as close to Forest Hill as I can get.

  8. Jenn Oster says:

    We have land in the Montpelier region available for someone who wants to keep bees. We are interested in the benefits of bees (as in what they can do for our flowers and garden and maybe a jar or two of honey) but have too much going on in our lives to actually be active bee keepers. If this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in, let me know! Email me at Thanks!

  9. Antonia says:

    I’m looking for bee hives and frames and bee wax e-mail me please thanks

  10. Fred Marino says:

    I need a queen replacement for a newly-installed package of bees . . . as soon as possible. Anyone with a queen to spare? Please respond to

    Thank you.

  11. Larry says:

    I’m still looking to get some bees for my new & only hive

  12. Hugh Hemsley says:

    I have several Queens recently purchased from Gardner’s Apiary that I don’t need and are for sale. Price is $30 per queen. If interested contact Hugh at

  13. salman raied says:

    Hey I was wondering If anyone is selling deep and medium boxes with frames locally?


  14. Sarah says:

    Looking for wax to make body products, would live a local to our area. Pls contact at


    Available are brand new, unassembled, complete hives. All you’ll need are the bees (which I can also help with)! This set-up includes a total of FOUR complete boxes- most you see offered include only one or two, which will NOT get you through the first year. These are 10-frame boxes with two deep brood chambers and two medium supers included. These boxes are precision milled, with uniform interlocking finger joints for strength. They have pre-drilled holes for nailing to prevent splitting during assembly. The handholds are taper cut for an easy grip.The pack comes with 40, N style frames, which the foundation slides in and requires no wedge-nailing. These are heavy, ½ inch-thick frames which are made with a slotted top-bar and grooved bottom and end bars. Included are 20 medium sheets and 20 sheets of deep wax foundation with incorporated support wiring. The bottom boards are ‘integrated pest management’ bottoms that are screened and include a slide-in mite count tray. This pack comes with a vented wooden inner-cover (which helps with winter moisture issues). The top is a durable lifetime plastic outer cover. This cast cover is one-piece that is rot, termite, ant and weather proof. The package also includes a wooden entrance reducer and a Boardman entrance feeder. This feeder is a lifetime, plastic entrance feeder that comes with a punched metal, quart jar lid. The feeder allows you to see your feed levels and refill without disturbing the bees. The complete package is available for $245 (tax included). Let me know of any other equipment needs you have and I will be glad to get you prices!

    I will have a very limited number of 3 pound packages available the SECOND WEEK OF APRIL for $120. They come with queens that have a guaranteed brood-pattern and are open-mated with the Italian and Carniolan genes.

    I am located in Chesterfield near Hull Street and Chippenham and have been in the bee business since the early 70s.

    Thanks for helping to keep honeybees around; Our lives depend on them!!


  16. Jevon says:

    Looking to buy local nucs in chesterfield Richmond area. I’m a beginner. Looking for some help. Thanks!
    Email me at

  17. Jonathan says:

    I’m looking for around 100 pounds of local beeswax. Can anyone help?
    Please email me at


  18. Rob Norris says:

    Hello, I am in need of one Nuc. Please email me at

  19. emily mercer says:

    Just need some beeswax for my foundationless frames. First time with my own hive this spring.
    Please email me if you know where I can find some in the area!

  20. Barbara Belcher, Visual Manager at Yankee Candle Village says:

    I am looking for a couple of used bee hives to use in a honey display. Can anyone advise me where to find them?

  21. Zach K says:

    I am interested in starting a beehive in Richmond. Been doing some research but would love a mentor. Any one interested?

  22. Ron Stilwell says:

    Have a nuc that I am interested in selling. Lakeside area of Henrico.

  23. David Stover says:

    I have a five frame deep Nuc for sale. New laying LOCAL queen. This hive has been raised on small cell foundation, 4.9mm. It does have two medium frames which the bees have drawn out down below. Call or text David: 804-347-1958

  24. Looking for nucs to purchase this spring as early as I can get them. If you have any for sale, please let me know. Thanks so much!

  25. Mason Fristoe says:

    I’m looking to start beekeeping in the summer. Is there anybody that is getting out of beekeeping whose equipment I could buy. At the least, who should I go to for buying the bees themselves?

  26. Lacey says:

    Does anyone still have nucs available? Please call me at (804) 920-9554 or email me at Thanks!!

  27. Kenny simon says:

    I am interested in getting bees for my hive

  28. Elliott Jones says:

    Hi there,
    A friend of mine is looking to get ahold of some beeswax for an art project. She says she doesn’t need it to be filtered or free of other particulates. I’m posting to see if anyone might have some available that she would be able to make use of. Thank you all for your time, and your service to the bees.

  29. David Jaroneski says:

    Looking for a queen and maybe a frame of brood.
    After 13 years of keepin’, it looks like I will hiveless soon. I have a nuc size box with 2 frames of adult bees and some food and that is it.
    A queen might be enough. Prefer Russian or Carniolan, but will take whatever is available.

  30. Rose Jeffs says:

    I need to buy 20 quarts or 5gal of honey does anyone have raw honey for sale

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