Bee Market

Need honey? Bees? Equipment?

Visit this page to see what our members have for sale.  If you are a RBA member and have honey, bees, or other bee-related stuff for sale, please contact the webmistress or leave a comment below to post your items here.

RBA Patches for Sale

Add some pizzazz to your bee suit!  Get an RBA patch.  Patches are sold at our monthly meetings.  $5.00 each.

22 Responses to Bee Market

  1. Cal Hulva says:

    Hi, I am looking for a nuc to purchase this spring. Please call me 424-1967 Thanks so much! – Cal

  2. YANCHAO XIAO says:

    I have 10 local Honeybee Hives for sale between Mar 20, 2018 and Apr 20, 2018. If interested, please contact me at

  3. David Jaroneski says:

    Thanks for making this marketplace available. I have wired wax foundation with hooks for sale. 100 ct. deep frame sheets, $120.00. 40 ct. medium frame sheets, $50.00.

  4. Martin Dean says:

    Honey Extractor for sale. I have a Maxant 3100 Powered (motorized, not hand cranked) 9-frame honey extractor for sale in Manakin Sabot (23103). Used very little. Also have 3 screen strainers and 5-gallon bottling bucket. Purchased for $850. Selling for $499. Local pick-up only, please (too large to ship). Can send email pictures. Also have some hives, bee suit and many accessories for sale.

  5. Corey J. Gilson says:

    Know of anyone getting out of beekeeping and wants to sell their stuff? Please let me know at if you know of someone looking to sell their hive and gear! I need pretty much everything.

    We’re moving into our new home (and land) near Mechanicsville in late April, so I can’t pick it up before that. I’m looking to purchase used hive equipment that is in good, disease-free condition. If the hive already has a colony of bees in it, that’s even better! I have a (very) small amount of beekeeping experience.


    • Evelyn Waring says:

      I’m downsizing at my place in Cold Harbor, and have some hive equipment to sell. All in great shape, stored in our barn. Most of the hive boxes are mediums but I do have 3-4 large boxes as well. Already painted, ready to go. There’s a couple of screened entrance boards, a top, some entrance reducers, etc. Some other miscellaneous equipment too.
      Come over, take a look and see if any meets your needs.

  6. Gary Sargent says:

    looking for a queen. contact

  7. Paula Horne says:

    Hello, My sauce business uses local honey and I’m looking to purchase gallon size quantities. Please contact me at Thanks to anyone who can help

  8. I’m looking to buy used, clean(ish) equipment for keeping bees and honey harvesting. We recently moved to 8 acres just East of Mechanicsville. I currently have some Langstroth hive boxes (no frames), bases and covers, but very little else.

    I’m also looking for bee colonies to live in the hives.

    Will travel or pay for delivery

  9. Galen Fisher says:

    I have about 10 hives for sale (Vsh pol Italian) single deep box with all wooden ware and bees. Just inspected and can provide certificate of health. 250 per hive, pickup is in near west end. Email

    Thankyou. Galen Fisher

  10. Mark Donovan says:

    I would like to offer my local, raw, unheated honey for sale. Available wholesale in 5 gallon/60lb. jugs for $360. Ready to bottle for the beekeeper who might have run short this year with all the rain.
    You can email me at Thanks, Mark Donovan/Donovan’s Honey Hill

  11. nichole says:

    Hello I’m new to bee keeping, I would like to purchase a Nuc around April 2019 …. Prefer to stay local … please call Nichole 925-8848

  12. glenn rogers says:

    I am looking to buy Jellybush honey. I am based in Parramatta. Need very high strength. Place email


  13. Galen Fisher says:

    I will be selling nucs this spring. 5 frames with new local queen raised locally from Vsh pol Italian stock.
    Nucs will be available end of May or early June.
    125 per 5 frame nuc. Please email if interested.
    Galen Fisher

  14. Mark donovan says:

    I am offering local overwintered 5 frame medium nucs and 2019 nucs as soon as weather permits. Stocked with my graphed queens from 40 year old lineage. Please see my listing #674921127 on Craigslist.
    Thanks, Mark Donovan/Donovan’s Honey Hill

    • Mark Donovan says:

      My updated nuc ad on Craigslist can be viewed by searching #6806540957. See you in the spring. Mark Donovan/Donovan’s Honey Hill

  15. Mark donovan says:

    Oops. Craigslist #6749621127. Thanks, Mark

  16. Julie Waser says:

    For sale: Four used Brushy Mountain eight frame hive feeders (each holds 2 gallons syrup) – sits on the top of the hive for spring & fall feeding of sugar syrup.

  17. yanchao xiao says:

    Bee Colonies (NUCS) For Sale In Spring of 2019

    Our apiary is located in Louisa County. Bees are reproduced and raised locally for many years. There will be fifteen bee colonies for sale this spring.
    All colonies will be treated for mite in early spring. Each colony is with a balance of developing brood in various stages, honey and pollen stores, and contains one mated Queen.They are healthy and vibrant.
    Each medium frame has at least 1,500 bees, and deep frame has more than 2,000.
    Colony are priced , tax included.
    Medium – 5 frames, $130 ($26 / frame)
    Medium – 8 frames, $208 ($26/frame)
    Deep – 5 frames, $150 ($30 / frame)
    Deep – 8 frames, $240 ($30/frame)
    You can choose one colony from three inspected colonies.
    If you need a colony with more than 5 frames, additional frames will be charged separately.
    Each hive contains at least five frames.
    attention please :
    • You need a beehive to house and transport your bees.
    • We have two types of boxes for you to choose from. They cost extra.
    • 1. Cardboard NUC Box (5 frames only)—-$10/each
    2.  Complete Hive Kits (10-frame size. Including bottom board, a hive body, a
    Telescoping Cover, a  Inner Cover.)—$60/each
    Of course, you can bring your own hive.
    • Remember to take a rope,to bind your hive.

    TO ORDER (local pick-up ONLY):
    You have two options, 1) buy our colony and beehive: or 2) only buy our bees, you bring the beehive.
    To place an order, please email us at
    In your email, please include your name, cellphone number and specific items you want to order. We will reply to you with total price and start preparing your order.
    You can cancel your order before April 1.
    PICK UP:
    All orders shall be available for pick up staring on April 10th. A few days delay may happen due to the weather. However, delay shall not be over one week. The exact pick-up date will be emailed to you about a week before pick up date.
    Please pick up your orders no later than May 10th.
    Pictures show the colonies for sale. Bees are active now and will be strong in April.

  18. yanchao xiao says:

    I have 10 local Honeybee Hives for sale between 5/1/ 2019 and 5/30/ 2019. If interested, please contact me at

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