Got Bee Pasture?

Do you have land that would be perfect for honeybees but don’t really want to be a beekeeper?  You can be a bee-haver – someone who has bees on their property that a beekeeper owns and tends.  If you would like to discuss putting bee hives on your property with a beekeeper please leave a comment below.  Please include the general location and short description of your property.

7 Responses to Got Bee Pasture?

  1. yanchao xiao says:

    I’m very interested. Is it still valid? thank you

  2. yanchao xiao says:

    I’m very interested. Is it still valid? thank you

  3. Katie Kroko says:

    Hi there – I live in Stratford Hills, about 5 minutes from Pony Pasture and would love to be a bee-haver. We live on ~1 acre that isn’t heavily wooded. Please reach out if a beekeeper would be interested in using our property!

    • Galen Fisher says:

      Katie, this sounds perfect, I currently keep bees on the other side of the river just west of Windsor farms. I will be on vacation in Colorado until September but once I am back would be interested in looking at the layout of your yard. I currently keep 20 hives and would be interested in talking more. Galen Fisher

  4. aaron hartman says:

    I line on 30 acres in Goochland and would like to have a few hives on it. I don’t want any honey or anything, just the hives on the property. 80 acres across the street are a apple orchard and the owner doesn’t use any pesticides or sprays, same for my other immediate neighbors and myself.
    We are in eastern goochland off of manakin road.

  5. Charles Waddell says:

    I own 2 acres in rural Hanover County, with open farmland next door.
    I am interested in “hosting” a hive.

  6. Hello! I live on ~2 acres in East Henrico. I recently received a huge load of bee keeping supplies, and would love to host bees, so I was hoping I could give host and maybe get lessons on beekeeping? If anyone would be willing to tutor me, that would be great. I have two hives, with all needed equipment!

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