Got Bee Pasture?

Do you have land that would be perfect for honeybees but don’t really want to be a beekeeper?  You can be a bee-haver – someone who has bees on their property that a beekeeper owns and tends.  If you would like to discuss putting bee hives on your property with a beekeeper please leave a comment below.  Please include the general location and short description of your property.


5 Responses to Got Bee Pasture?

  1. Patrick French says:

    I am looking for someone to tend my hive, they can have the honey. Could also put out more hives, plenty room. I would request a jar of honey every now and then.

  2. yanchao xiao says:

    I’m very interested. Is it still valid? thank you

  3. Katie Kroko says:

    Hi there – I live in Stratford Hills, about 5 minutes from Pony Pasture and would love to be a bee-haver. We live on ~1 acre that isn’t heavily wooded. Please reach out if a beekeeper would be interested in using our property!

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