All Richmond Beekeeper Association meetings are open to the public. Our meetings are held at the Greenwood Methodist Church at 10040 Greenwood Road in Northside Glen Allen.  Meetings are held every second Thursday of the month and begin at 7:00 p.m.  Come join us for fun, enlightening discussions and programs.  We are a friendly crowd and welcome everyone who shares our interest in honeybees.  Be sure to sign our roster.  You may win a door prize!

Want to plan ahead?  Here is our list of speakers for 2018.

April 12th    Dr. Rick Fells  Queen Rearing

May 10th     Keith Tignor  Honeybee Liability and Check List

June 14th    Dr. Dewey Caron  – The history of queening and the differences in “Race’s”
Of bees.

July 12th     Bob Stapleton Honey Extraction

August 9th  Lisa Fleeson   Pesticides

September 13th   Keith Tignor  Beekeeper Pests

October 11th    round robin    Preparing Hives for Winter

November 8th  round robin   Sources for Bee Equipment

December  13th  Winter Party

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