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Being a member of the Richmond Beekeepers helps both beginning and experienced beekeepers sharpen their skills while providing an opportunity to exchange information and ideas.  You will also receive a monthly newsletter filled with current events, information, and timely “honey do” tips.  Members are welcome to post their honey and other bee-related items for sale on our website.

Annual dues for single or family through December 2015   $10.00
Senior membership      $5.00
Virginia State Beekeepers Association    $10.00 ($2.00 discount with RBA membership)

To join just download the form below and mail it in with your check.  Or, better yet, bring it with you when you join us at the next meeting.

RBA membersip


One Response to Membership

  1. Ron Axselle says:

    I am in need of some bees to help pollinate my garden in the west end. I have a nice garden with a lot of cucumbers, fair number of squash, zucchini, etc. but the number of bees I have been able to attract has fallen off in the past few years. I am in hope that one of your members could loan or rent me a small hive to put near my garden for several months. We will be out of town until next Friday (the day after your next meeting) and I would love someone to call or email me after that if they can help me out. Thanks so much. Ron Axselle 1803 Windingridge Drive, Henrico, VA
    804.740-7055 or cell 804.310-0222.

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