Officers for 2016

President -Bob Stapleton

Vice-President Programs- Jack Baxter

2nd Vice – President – Val Puster

Secretary – Stacey Condrey

Treasurer – Kelly O’Toole

Newsletter Editor – Jack Baxter

Webmaster – Nancy Essid


2 Responses to Officers

  1. David Stover says:

    It’s great to see that you have a good, functioning website up. Thanks Nancy!

  2. Dr. Wyatt A. Mangum/ says:

    At one time back in the 1960’s, I had the honor of being the youngest member of the Richmond Beekeepers Association. To acknowledge that early support with my beekeeping, I thanked the Richmond Beekeepers Association in the acknowledgements of my just-published book on top-bar hive beekeeping.

    The book has been recognized as being exceptionally comprehensive on top-bar hive beekeeping. We have been shipping the books all over the United States and Canada. (We are getting book requests from other countries across the world, but we are not set up for global shipping yet.)

    For more information on the book, kindly please see my top-bar hive information site at

    The site also shows my top-bar apiaries, pictures and content that I think are unique in the bee world. More top-bar hive information is coming to that site. I just thought your members might like to know all this.

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Mangum/Wyatt/WAM

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